About us

The specialist in packaging and protection since 1998

It is our mission to package smarter together with you. With years of knowledge, we can surprise you with new insights so that you can package your products with less packaging material and more sustainable raw materials. And we go above and beyond: How can we work together to make your packaging process more efficient, ensure that careful consideration is given to storage and transport of the packaging and that we do not take up unnecessary space. In other words: together with you, we make sustainable choices from design, production to delivery. Whether that may be inside or outside the borders. We also have a strong international network.

Each colleague does this from his own expertise. In this way, you always receive the best possible advice, tailored to the market in which you operate. With a versatile team, we supply and produce packaging and protective materials for the construction, horticulture, agri, retail, and food and non-food industries.

Doing business in an honest and transparent way is important to us. Together with you as a customer and appropriate suppliers, we always aim for the highest possible result. This is how we work towards long-term relationships.

Why choose Argos? Because you value specialist knowledge and honest advice, because you want to be unburdened by high-quality service and you are looking for a partner who is always just one step ahead. Because we are always looking for ways to improve the current situation.

Would you like to know more about what makes Argos so special to you? Then watch our new company video. This way, you will directly also get to see our specialised team. Enjoy the video!

Honest advice from our experts

Our experts are true product specialists. Not only do they have extensive knowledge of packaging, they also have a great deal of experience in the segment in which they operate. Together with you, we work on the best packaging concepts, from advice to realisation. To be able to provide the best advice, we ask you and ourselves tough questions. This makes your wishes clear and helps us find the best solution. If there is no standard solution available, we will search for one. No challenge is too big for us!

Save costs and time

Quickly and easily order all your packaging and protective materials in one go. From boxes to tapes and from APP shrink film to scaffolding nets. Argos has it all! And we offer even more advantages: Do you have limited storage space? And are just-in-time deliveries important to you? Then we are your partner. With a large warehouse, it is possible to keep stock of your products, ensuring that packaging and protective materials are always available on demand. This, in combination with our own fleet of vehicles and our central location, means that we have full control over our logistics. This ensures short lines of communication, flexibility and most importantly: fast and timely delivery.

A strong focus on sustainability

Argos has a strong focus on sustainability. This applies to both our day-to-day business operations and the products we supply and produce. In our daily operations, we strive to limit the burden on the environment as much as possible. We invest in materials and machines that minimise the impact on the environment. We are also constantly searching for sustainable alternatives for packaging.

Argos is BRC certified and a proud holder of the FSC® certificate. The FSC® products are available upon request.

Argos as producer

We do not only supply packaging, but we also produce it. In our production hall with machinery, we produce high-quality corner beads and silkwool, among other things. But setting up solid cardboard trays is also possible. Because we produce demand-driven, we can quickly switch gears and offer competitive prices. In addition, as a customer, you also reduce CO2 emissions by not importing products from abroad.

Also your partner internationally

Our Agri and Horticulture packaging and protective materials for the construction industry are not only a staple in the Netherlands, but they are also supplied in 16 different European countries. With our strong network, we can also help international customers with packaging solutions that truly can help you further. With machine-processable packaging, packaging that speeds up the internal process, and sustainable packaging. Worldwide.

By working together, we become stronger, rise to great heights, and learn from each other. The perfect combination for a long-term and sustainable collaboration


At Argos, we go beyond just producing and supplying packaging and protective materials. It is our task to develop innovative and sustainable packaging together with our partners that protects products, contributes to the presentation of a product, serves as an information carrier, and thus provides the consumer with all the necessary product information. Together with our partners, employees and customers, we look at what can simply be improved.

Where and what can we optimise in the packaging process? What is needed to meet the customer's needs? And how can we use our raw materials efficiently and thus contribute to a better environment? In everything we do, we choose the very best and ensure that our customers are completely unburdened and can focus on their core business. Together, we opt for smart and efficient packaging and protection. A clear goal, if we do say so ourselves.


Our vision is a future where we develop and produce innovative and sustainable packaging and protective materials together with our partners.

Together, we want to become stronger and better at everything we do. At Argos, our goal is to provide the world with innovative and sustainable packaging together with our partners, suppliers and relations. We are more than just a supplier to our customers. In fact, we are a knowledge partner for our customers. We want to get to know our customers, work closely with each other, unburden them, be a strong asset for them, so that they can focus on their core business and strive for long-term sustainable cooperation.

Our customers can rely on our employees and our organisation. We know that talk is cheap, but hard work produces results.

The packaging sector has a significant impact on the environment, but as an industry, we can also bring about the biggest change. However, we cannot do this alone, we must achieve this together with all those involved in the chain. Together with our partners, we develop innovative and sustainable packaging that contributes to a future-proof environment. In this process, the primary goal of packaging — protecting the contents against external influences — must always go hand in hand with the sustainability of the packaging.