In-house production

Discover the possibilities of our production hall

Benefit from the advantages of ordering locally and from the source: fast delivery and customised packaging and protection solutions. We do not only supply standard and customised packaging and protection materials, but we also produce them ourselves. In our production hall we produce corner beads, clamshells, trays, paper wool, extra sturdy cabbage boxes, and more. Because we produce demand-driven, we can quickly switch gears and offer competitive prices. In addition, as a customer, you also reduce CO2 emissions by ordering products domestically.

Edge protectors, sustainable and locally produced

Our edge protectors are made of high-quality paper and can be produced exactly according to your requirements: dimensions and thicknesses as desired, with or without coating and printed as desired. After all, each product requires a different packaging and this also applies to transport packaging. We ensure optimal protection of your products, also during transport and storage.

At Argos, we continue to critically evaluate our production process to implement further optimisation. This has also enabled us to achieve further improvement in the tensile strength of our edge protectors.

Paper wool for extra protection

Protect your packaged products in an environmentally friendly way with locally produced paper wool. In our production hall, we can produce large quantities of paper wool at high speed, offering a sustainable alternative to cellophane wool.

Setting up clamshells and trays

In no time, we can produce large quantities of printed and unprinted cardboard clamshells and trays, so that you can focus on packaging apples, pears or other fruit and vegetables, for example. Our production machines have a prominent place in our building in the heart of Westland, thereby ensuring the right "just in time delivery". And also completing the picture of a total supplier from design to production.



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