Edge protectors

Edge protectors to stabilize all your pallet shipments

On this page, we dive deeper into what edge protectors are, what they are used for, what materials they contain, the sizes and grades available, and how to attach them. Read on to discover how these simple yet effective products help protect and maintain the integrity of your cargo during transport and storage.

What are edge protectors?  

Edge protectors, also known as corner slats and corner protectors, are elongated L-shaped strips bent at a 90-degree angle to fit around the corners of pallet shipments. Because of the varying heights of pallet shipments, these profiles are often available in different sizes and thicknesses. Which makes them widely applicable to various industries.

The many functions of an Edge protectors

Edge protectors play a crucial role in protecting pallet shipments during transport and storage from impacts, shocks and other external forces that can cause damage. They also help maintain the stability of the load, preventing it from shifting or tipping over during transport and storage. These protectors are often used in conjunction with wrapping film and strapping tapes. Without edge protectors, the combined protection of the other packaging materials can fall short, increasing the risk of breakage, damage and loss.

By using edge protectors, you can prevent damage to your products, which can lead to cost savings. Less damage to your products results in fewer returns. Which in turn results in improved customer satisfaction.

Features of edge protectors at a glance:
  • Moisture-resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Shock absorbing
  • Stability
  • Protection

What materials are edge protectors made of?

Edge protectors are primarily made from pressed cardboard where multiple layers are glued together to make it a sturdy whole. Our edge protectors are produced from high quality paper and are FSC® certified. The use of high-quality paper ensures that our corner profiles are fully recyclable and can be fully incorporated into the current recycling process. Since every pallet shipment is unique, there are different types of edge protectors available. In addition to standard paper profiles, options include foam profiles and profiles with special coatings that are resistant to water and various climates.

Edge protectors in various sizes and qualities

We offer our edge protectors in various sizes. For this we have a standard range available which can be delivered directly from stock. The lengths of the most common edge protectors range from 1200mm to 2400mm. Every load needs different protection, which is why we offer our edge protectors in 5 different thicknesses: 2mm - 2.5mm - 2.7mm - 3.0mm - 4.0mm. The most common quality of our corner profiles are Kraftliner - Testliner - High Quality White - up to full-Color Printing.

Most common qualities:
  • Lengte (mm): 1200 - 2400
  • Dikte (mm): 2 - 2.5 - 2.7 - 3.0 - 4.0
  • Kwaliteit: Kraftliner - Testliner - Hoogwaardig Wit - tot full-Color
  • Gecertificeerd: FSC® - PAP - RESY
If the size or quality you are looking for is not in the most common list, don't worry our edge protectors are available in multiple lengths and qualities. So you will always find the suitable corner profile for your product.

Custom made

Our edge protectors, made of high-quality paper, can be fully customized to your specific requirements. The edge protectors can be produced in the desired sizes and thicknesses, with or without coating and printed or unprinted.  This way you can be sure that your specific cargo and products are well protected during transport and storage.

Our production location in Honselersdijk 

Our APP edge protectors are produced according to the latest technologies at our production site in Honselersdijk. This ensures that we can switch quickly and guarantee short delivery times to our customers. With our in-house production location, we avoid extra transports, enabling us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Thus contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Learn more about our APP corner profiles or in-house production.

How to attach a edge protector?

The edge protectors we offer are not self-adhesive. To properly protect your pallet shipments, we recommend using and purchasing strapping tape. Here you can think of PP tape. Besides securing the corner profiles with strapping tape, you can also choose to wrap film over them to provide additional protection. This way you protect both your vulnerable corners from damage and the load as a whole from dust, moisture and dirt.

Want to order?

Curious about our range of edge protectors? Or do you have any questions? Then please contact one of our account managers or one of our colleagues from the inside sales department on +31 174 630011 or mail to verpakken@argos.nu.

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