MKB entrepreneur prize

MKB entrepreneur prize

In November 2022, we proudly received the MKB Westport Notarissen Entrepreneur Award. In a packed Oude Kerk in Naaldwijk, our director, Frans van Alphen, accepted the award. This recognition is a great honour for our team and we were also honoured with the theme award for 'most innovative in the industry'. 
After the nomination, we took great pleasure in presenting our organisation to the jury by, among other things, a work experience day for the jury members, where we showed what it is like to work for us and an extensive company presentation. We were also a guest at WOS during 'At the table'. We are happy to have had these opportunities to share our vision and way of working. 
Since receiving the award, we have not been idle and have continued to develop ourselves. Our managing director Frans van Alphen gave an interview to Streamers shortly after winning the award, in which he elaborates on our vision and working method. In the interview, he talks about our focus on innovation and customer focus, among other things. You can read the full interview below.

Packaging Specialist Argos is permanently looking for sustainable alternatives 

The enthusiasm oozes when Frans van Alphen, director of Argos, talks about the latest developments in packaging land. "We supply packaging and protective materials from various raw materials. All this they want to develop and produce as sustainably as possible. For example, plastic has a bad image, so it is good to know that we are making huge sustainable improvements there. Examples? We develop plastic trays with less raw material, replace plastic lids with a topseal cover and have started a process to recycle used scaffolding nets. So we have all kinds of solutions to help our customers make their packaging and protective materials more sustainable." 
Sustainability is high on the agenda at Argos. This packaging specialist invents, develops, produces, imports and sells packaging and protective materials throughout the Benelux and far beyond. The company operates in various industries: AGF, Ornamental Horticulture, Retail, Construction and Industry.  

Own production location 

Since last year, Argos' head office has been located at Nieuweweg in Honselersdijk. It houses one of its two distribution centres (the other is located along the A20 in Maasdijk) and its own production location. Frans proudly shows how the self-developed production line produces corner profiles for pallets. "Made entirely from recycled paper and biodegradable glue." Apart from corner rails, Argos also produces its own cardboard trays, paper wool and extra sturdy cabbage boxes.

Sustainable packaging materials 

In-house production comprises about 15% of total turnover. For the remainder, Argos sources products from suppliers at home and abroad. Frans explains that his purchasing team is constantly looking for new innovative sustainable packaging materials. "For example, we have entered into cooperation with an Italian partner that has developed a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. This packaging is used for packing fresh, dried and frozen fruit and vegetables. This unique packaging significantly extends the shelf life of the products. The packaging is produced from kraft paper and features a large cellulose window, which is 100% recyclable. These are wonderful developments, aren't they?" He emphasises that his 15 representatives prefer to work with the customer to find the best possible solution. "We bring in our knowledge and expertise and together we look at how to solve the packaging issue as smartly and efficiently as possible. We really want to be a partner for our customers." 

Social face

To fulfil this role of partner and advisor well, Frans believes the basis within Argos must be optimal. He finds it important that the 60-plus employees enjoy coming to work and feel heard. "And so we pay a lot of attention to a good working atmosphere. Everyone is equal here, the doors are always open, employees' opinions count and we regularly organise fun activities. Our motto is; Work is fun and after work we have fun. Last summer, for instance, we organised a nice beach party, recently an Oktoberfest and every week a cosy Friday afternoon drink in our company canteen. This pays off in low absenteeism, low turnover and vacancies that are only open for a short time." With the Argos Academy, the potential in the organisation is maximised and knowledge can be shared and secured in an accessible way. Next year's 25-year-old company is also clearly showing a social face. The Argos Foundation supports various local causes. Sometimes with a financial contribution and sometimes through the commitment of employees. "The foundation is formed by people from our own club and so we can really support those causes that are close to employees' hearts." 
The nomination for the MKB Westport Notaries Entrepreneur Award came as a big surprise to Frans. "Quite an honour and a nice crown. We are running extremely hard here every day, which sometimes makes you almost forget what we all do and why we do what we do. The fact that we are seen and appreciated feels like a nice gift."

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