Food industry

Food industry

In the dynamic world of meat processing, efficiency and quality are crucial. As a supplier, Argos understands these needs and offers a comprehensive range of bulk packaging that meets the highest standards of sustainability, safety and hygiene. From crate bags to topseals, wrapping films and boxes, Argos is ready to support with tailor-made solutions for every application. 

Crate bags: Durability and functionality in one 

Crate bags are an indispensable element for processing, packing and transporting meat products. At Argos, we understand the importance of hygiene and food safety in these bags. That is why we offer a diverse range of crate bags that meet strict standards in terms of strength, food safety and ease of use. Our crate bags are specially designed to keep products safe during transport and storage. 

Topseals: Maintaining freshness and quality 

Maintaining freshness and quality of meat products, among others, is crucial for producers and consumers. Argos offers high-quality topseals that address these important aspects. Our topseals are designed to provide an optimal barrier against moisture, air and contaminants, preserving product freshness and flavour throughout the distribution chain. Moreover, our topseals are compatible with various packaging machines, making them a versatile and cost-effective choice for meat processing plants of all sizes, among others. 

Wrapping films and boxes: Safe and efficient storage solutions 

Besides product packaging solutions, Argos also offers high-quality products for safe and efficient storage and transport of meat products. For example, our wrapping films are available in blue and transparent and specially designed to meet the requirements of the meat processing industry, with properties such as tear resistance, stretch capacity and excellent adhesion to ensure that the product remains safe and protected during storage and transport. We also offer high-quality edge protectors help maintain the stability of the load, preventing it from bumping or jolting during transport. These corner profiles are produced at our own production site in Honselersdijk. 

Dolav bags: Efficiency and reliability in packaging and transport 

We understand the crucial role that efficiency and reliability play in packaging and transporting your meat products. That is why we offer a wide range of Dolav bags designed to meet all your needs. Our Dolav bags offer a combination of hygiene and quality, giving you peace of mind that your meat products will be safely preserved during storage and transportation, whether the loads are large or small. 

Meat boxes: Tailor-made protection for your products 

Protection is our top priority. Whether fresh, chilled or frozen meat products, our high-quality meat boxes guarantee maximum safety and hygiene throughout the entire logistics chain. Our meat boxes, with various sizes and sealable options, provide an efficient and safe storage solution for all your meat products, whether in butcher shops or supermarkets. 

Octabin: Safety and protection combined

In the meat processing industry, it is crucial to transport meat products safely and efficiently. Octabins play an indispensable role here. At Argos, we offer sturdy cardboard octabins that protect meat products from damage during transport. Moreover, these octabins provide a convenient and space-saving storage option, making them a valuable addition to the logistics process in the meat industry.

At Argos, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality bulk packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of the meat processing industry. With our comprehensive range, producers can rely on the quality, food safety, durability and performance that are essential to their success.

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