A sturdy bag for heavy items or a small bag with the right look? Each store has its own identity. This identity is conveyed, among other things, through the carrier packaging and bags for the shoppers. We supply a wide variety of carrier packaging to wholesalers and retailers.

Do you have a stand at the farmers’ market, do you have your own shore or do you buy bags for wholesalers? Give your customers a complete experience and choose the carrier packaging that best matches the look of the store or the products.

Extensive range

Our range for retailers is diverse and complete. We have the perfect products for every retailer. Are you looking for plastic bags, paper bags, bio-based bags or gift bags? Argos always has suitable packaging for your products. We do not only supply the materials to package your product, but we offer a solution from start to finish.

More information or want to request a quotation?

Are you interested in our products or do you want to know what we can do for you? For more information, or for a non-binding quotation, please contact our product specialists in the retail department. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice!

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