Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging and protection done together

Together, we want to become stronger and better at everything we do. At Argos, our goal is to provide the world with innovative and sustainable packaging together with our partners, suppliers and relations. We are more than just a supplier to our customers. In fact, we are a knowledge partner for our customers in the field of sustainable packaging. Our specialists are up to date on all market developments and can therefore easily fulfil customer needs.

At Argos, we are very conscious of our responsibility as a packaging supplier to provide sustainable solutions for our customers and the planet. We strive to make our packaging as sustainable as possible, without compromising the functionality and safety of the product. We always look at the entire life cycle of our packaging, from raw materials to the waste phase, to determine where we can make improvements. For example, we work to reduce our use of materials, improve the recyclability of our products and encourage the use of biodegradable materials. Our specialists are also happy to help our customers make sustainable packaging choices, for example by suggesting alternative packaging materials that are better for the environment. In this way, together with our partners, suppliers and relations, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future for all of us.

Sustainable packaging

How are the raw materials extracted? What is the impact of the production process on the environment and how does the end user handle our packaging after use? These are a number of important factors that are essential in the development of new sustainable packaging. The production of packaging requires raw materials and energy, which, together with transport, is a considerable burden on the environment. With our knowledge of 'green' packaging, we advise and support our customers in making the right packaging choice and together we develop the best possible solution for the packaging needs.

Packaging expertise

What are the latest developments in sustainable packaging? What new processing options are available? What does the market need? How can we apply new materials that contribute to a future-proof environment? Our specialists are on top of all developments in the field of sustainable packaging and use their knowledge in the development and implementation of new environmentally friendly packaging.

Sustainable raw materials

At Argos, we find it extremely important to contribute to a sustainable society and a future-proof environment. We use sustainable and reusable raw materials and advise on choosing the right materials. Argos has a wide range of sustainable products with FSC® certified products. This certification ensures that the raw materials come from managed forest areas and we prevent deforestation and desertification. Only sustainable raw materials are used in the development of new sustainable packaging. (The FSC® products are available on request)

Sustainable production

Which factors influence our carbon footprint? Where can we optimise and reduce our collective footprint? To reduce the footprint of a packaging, it is extremely important to maintain a focus on sustainability during the production process and to gain insight into the actual impact. Through close and long-term collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure sustainable production and we jointly maintain attention to the environment in the development and production of new packaging.

Storage and transport

How do we ensure that storage and transport are as sustainable as possible? Where can we cut back and reduce our emissions? Partly due to efficient transport planning and an optimised purchasing process, we can ensure that this step in the supply chain is as sustainable as possible and emissions are kept to a minimum.

Optimal recycling of packaging

How do we handle packaging after use and ensure that it ends up in the correct waste stream? Can packaging be fully recycled? How do we ensure that a product can serve as a new raw material and ensure circular packaging? As a supplier and producer, it is our duty to develop packaging that can be easily recycled and that can be included in the recycling process. By providing clear communication on the packaging, we make it easy to recycle packaging and enable end users to contribute to a circular economy.

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