Argos academy

Argos academy

Learning from each other and utilising the talent of our staff as efficiently as possible. The Argos Academy brings knowledge and talent together, and by developing interesting content and setting personal learning goals, we ensure an efficient one-year programme for all participants.

As an organisation you want to constantly develop and there are various options to do so. One of the ways to further develop your organisation is to implement your own internal academy. With an internal academy, the potential in the organisation is optimally utilised and knowledge can be shared and secured in an accessible way. By discovering what the needs of employees are and making sure the offer is broad, we ensure that an academy and the learning offer are optimally utilised.

Since 1998, Argos has been a supplier in the field of packaging and protective materials as well as a knowledge partner for its customers in this field. In order to spread this knowledge within the organisation, Argos has set up an internal academy in early 2021, with a focus on our young professionals. The goal of this academy is to learn from each other and to more efficiently utilise the talent of our personnel. Our colleagues make the difference and that is why we give our employees the freedom to grow and develop themselves further in their work. By developing interesting content and setting personal learning goals, we ensure an efficient one-year programme. Every year, various workshops are organised on current and interesting topics, where new developments are discussed and working methods are shared. In addition, there are various moments where the participants and experts organise educational and productive sessions with the goal of learning from each other and ensuring more intensive collaboration.

The sessions of the Argos talent programme are mainly characterised by the interactive way of information sharing and the sense of togetherness among the participants. During the sessions, the participants of the talent programme are supervised by internal and external experts who provide new knowledge in areas such as packaging and protection, commerce, personal development and new insights in various fields. Due to the broad offer, all colleagues can further develop themselves in different areas and get insight into their personal ambitions.

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