Reducing the damage percentage during transportation? Choose the right materials!

15 november 2023

To ensure the safe transportation of a pallet from point A to point B without any damage, it is crucial to employ appropriate packaging materials. The use of stretch film is indispensable in this regard. Stretch film not only protects the load from moisture and dirt but also ensures the stabilization of the pallet, preventing damage and breakage. Ultimately, our goal is for the load to arrive at its destination in top condition.

The required protection can vary depending on the load. For loads with a uniform shape, film with lower stretchability is highly suitable because it can be easily wrapped around the load without excessive stretching. In cases where the load may protrude, film with higher stretchability is recommended as it is suitable for protecting boxes that deviate from the norm. However, if the load has sharp points and corners, film with very high stretch capacity is the right choice to optimally protect the unique load.

Discover our film variations

APP Light Stretch Film: Suitable for loads up to 600 kg, with high tear resistance and stretchability up to 180%, this film provides effective stability and protection during transport.
APP Medium Stretch Film: Ideal for loads up to 1000 kg, with improved tear resistance and 300% stretchability, this film offers excellent protection for corners without tearing.
APP Power Stretch Film: For loads up to 1200 kg, especially for protruding boxes, with a stretchability of 330%, this film provides robust protection without tearing.

Our various stretch films are tailored to diverse loads, offering optimal protection and stability during transport, regardless of the nature of the load.

To provide the right protection, stretch film is often used in combination with other products such as strapping, top sheets, corner profiles, and/or tape. Therefore, it is important to choose the right combination of products to ensure optimal protection of the load.

In summary

  • Load-specific protection: Different loads require customized protection, with films varying in stretchability for uniform, protruding, or angular loads.
  • Manual and machine stretch film: Choose between manual or machine wrapping for efficient protection, regardless of the size or shape of the load.
  • Film variants: Different films, such as APP Light (for loads up to 600 kg), APP Medium (up to 1000 kg), and APP Power (up to 1200 kg), offer specific protection with various stretch capacities and tear resistance.
  • Targeted protection: Each film is focused on optimal protection and stability during transport, tailored to specific load characteristics and needs.
  • Customized protection: Our diverse stretch films are designed to meet specific transport requirements, regardless of the complexity or shape of the load.
Curious about our wide range of stretch films? Then contact product specialist Bas Riekert at or +31 (0)174 – 638 420

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