Introducing our innovative flower crate: APP Flowercrate

06 november 2023

From a close collaboration between exporters from the flower and plant export sector and our expertise in packaging and protective materials, the APP Flowercrate was born.  Our shared vision was clear: to create a sustainable, reusable packaging solution that benefits the entire distribution chain and contributes to a future-proof environment. With that mission in mind, we collaborated and pooled our knowledge to create a unique crate design that meets the needs of every link in the chain and, above all, preserves the quality of the flowers during transport and storage. 
The APP Flowercrate stands out for its innovative design, which not only provides optimal protection to flowers and plants during storage and transport, but also optimises the filling and transport process. The APP Flowercrate is specially designed to be easily placed on Danish trolleys without any loss of space. For example, the APP Flowercrate uses a unique two-step loading system. This utilises both 60% and 100% of the filling volume, resulting in highly efficient use of the available space on the cart.  

With more than 15 sturdy hooks strategically incorporated into the crate's side walls, the contents are held securely in place by elastic bands during transport. If needed, specially designed notches on the sides of the crate allow for strapping. Thanks to the ribbed bottom plate, shifting during transport is excluded. In addition, the bottom of the APP Flowercrate features a textured base, which keeps it standing securely on conveyor belts. With the APP Flowercrate, you ensure optimum protection throughout the process, from start to finish.



As a manufacturer and supplier of packaging and protective materials, we understand the need for sustainable products within the flower and plant sector. From this, APP Flowercrate was born, as the logical result of our commitment to change and sustainability. By using reusable packaging, we not only reduce waste in the recycling process, but also offer the sector an environmentally and future-oriented alternative to traditional transport packaging. This approach reflects our presence in the flower and plant sector, where we can meticulously supply the right packaging and protective materials, which in turn facilitates efficient and sustainable transport of flowers and plants from A to point B. In joint effort, we are setting course for sustainability, efficiency and high quality within this industry, while minimising our footprint.


With a state-of-the-art RFID label, the crates are traceable. 
"Since the demand for reusable packaging is growing more and more, with the APP Flowercrate we offer an excellent alternative to traditional export packaging," says Sander de Hoog, product specialist Sierteelt. "Made of high-quality plastic (HDPE), this crate is not only sustainable and 100% recyclable, but also has a minimum lifespan of 10 years. With these features, we contribute to a more sustainable future and achieve efficient transport and storage of flowers and plants," adds Sander. 

Together, we are taking steps towards sustainability, efficiency and quality within the industry. More information about the APP Flowercrate? Then contact one of our specialists via or +31 (0)174-638414.

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