Smart and Efficient Flower Packaging: The Quantum Box for Secure Storage and Transportation.

When packing cut flowers, it is essential to ensure the quality of the flowers and minimize external influences that can have an effect on the quality. This is why we have the Quantum box in our range, an excellent solution for packing flowers smartly and efficiently without compromising on protection and presentation. 
This versatile flower packaging is available in different heights, giving it the flexibility to optimally pack different flower types. With the Quantum box, you can count on less handling, significantly reducing the chance of damaging the flowers. Moreover, this packaging offers an added benefit to your end customers, as they can purchase a smaller quantity compared to other packaging. 
In addition to functionality and protection, the Quantum box also offers opportunities for creating visually appealing packaging. By printing the packaging, it is possible to present your own look. With this you can not only protect your flowers and plants during storage and transport, but also present them stylishly to your customers.
In short, the Quantum Box is an ideal package for growers and exporters looking for smaller packaging for cut flowers. With customizable heights, a smaller take-out option and excellent printing capabilities, the Quantum box offers functionality and protection in one package. 
Wondering about the possibilities of our Quantum box, or are you looking for an efficient way to transport your flowers from location to location? Then contact one of our packaging specialists. 
Packing smarter and better? The Quantum box is the one for you!

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